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Thank you for visiting Sprinkler Bros. As experienced irrigation contractors, our goal is to supply and service high quality lawn sprinkler systems at a more than reasonable price.

We offer a wide range of sprinkler services for backyard lawns. This includes planning, design, installation and of course service and repairs. Customers particularly like getting a full three-year warranty on residential sprinkler installations. This covers both parts and labor, and provides peace of mind, as we know a sprinkler system is a significant home-improvement investment.

We don’t employ a high-powered sales team, just share the information you need to make an informed decision. Most customers would like a written estimate before starting any work, and we are happy to come out to your home, draw up a plan and provide the estimate. You don’t need to be at home to meet us, although you may like to, especially if you have some particular areas such as flower beds or trees that need to be planned for.

We have been providing residential and commercial irrigation system around the DFW area since 1996.
Based in Princeton, Texas, we also service surrounding areas in the northern Dallas area. Licensed licensed to install irrigation systems in the State of Texas by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

Insurance Information
General Liability	$2,000,000.00	
License Information
Landscape Irrigator	LI0005863	TX
Landscape Sprinklers	LI0005863	TX
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