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Designing, installing and maintaining lawn sprinklers that result in fantastic backyards and landscaping take time and expertise that most non-landscapers just don’t have. We understand. And that’s why you can depend on Sprinkler Bros irrigation services to help.

With over 25 years of sprinkler design, installation and maintenance our sprinkler professionals handle it all. What’s more you are protected by a 3rd party $10,000 guarantee.

All new irrigation system installs come with a long 3-Year warranty.

sprinkler installation and repair

Lawn Sprinkler Installation


Sprinkler Design, Sprinkler Repair, Installation and Maintenance
From foundation drip to large scale irrigation, we have the solution for all of your landscaping needs.

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Why is it important to you to get a 3-year warranty?

Here’s why it is important to look at the warranty offered by an irrigation company – Most of the major sprinkler manufacturers have a budget range and professional range covering everything from sprinkler heads to rotors. The inexpensive products appeal to shoppers at DIY stores like Home Depot and Lowes for price shoppers. However as professionals, we know that it is worth the extra to choose from the high quality range instead.

Using high quality products with expert installation is why we can stand behind our long warranty.

And you can rest assured your lawn will be looking greener for longer.

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Sprinkler System Installation

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Irrigation Install Done Right

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Zone Additions and Changes

Sprinkler System Repair

When to Hire a Professional

While some minor maintenance tasks can be handled by homeowners, there are certain situations that warrant the expertise of a professional lawn sprinkler repair service. It is important to know when it is necessary to hire a professional to ensure that your sprinkler system is functioning properly and efficiently. Here are some key factors to consider:

Complex Issues: If you are experiencing extensive pipe leaks, electrical problems with the controller, or large-scale system malfunctions, it is best to seek the help of a professional. These issues require specialized knowledge and equipment to properly diagnose and repair.

Lack of Time or Tools: Some repairs may require a significant amount of time and specialized tools that you may not have access to. In these cases, it is more efficient and cost-effective to hire a professional who has the necessary resources to complete the job.

Safety Concerns: Working with a lawn sprinkler system can be dangerous, especially if you are not familiar with the proper safety precautions. A professional repair service will have the necessary training and experience to handle any potential hazards.

Warranty Coverage: If your sprinkler system is still under warranty, attempting to repair it yourself may void the warranty. It is important to check the terms of your warranty and consult with a professional if necessary.

We can help with a professional quality sprinkler system repair.

Services Offered: Sprinkler Bros offer a comprehensive range of services, including diagnostics, repairs, and system optimization.

So we can handle any issue that may arise with your sprinkler system, saving you time and hassle.

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Sprinkler Repairs

lawn sprinkler repair

Irrigation System Repair

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Sprinkler Valve Repair

Sprinkler System Installation and Repair Costs

How much does it cost to do a Sprinkler Repair?

Q. Typical problems to repair include broken heads, broken pipes, valve problems and wiring issues. Most repairs take one to two hours and costs range from $150.00 and $300.00.

How much does it cost to install an automatic sprinkler system?

Q. The cost to install an automatic sprinkler system depends on factors such as lawn size, system complexity, and chosen components. An accurate estimate requires an on-site evaluation. We will visit your home and produce a written estimate at no charge. A quality professionally installed system is typically in the range $3,000 to $5,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best type of sprinkler system for my lawn?

There are various types of sprinkler systems, including drip irrigation, pop-up spray heads, and rotor systems. Choosing the right one depends on factors Factors include lawn size, soil type, and plant needs. A professional irrigation contractor can advise.

How long does it take to install a sprinkler system?

Understanding the timeline for installation is crucial, as it can affect your lawn’s watering schedule and overall convenience. Time varies from 1-3 days.

Are there any permits or regulations I need to be aware of for sprinkler system installation?

Yes, Dallas and cities in Texas have regulations or permits required for installing irrigation systems, especially with regard to backflow. Understanding these requirements is essential to avoid legal issues.

How do I know if my sprinkler system needs repairs?

Signs include such as uneven watering, brown spots, low water pressure, or visible leaks.

Why Choose Us

Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a lawn sprinkler repair company:

Experience: Look for companies that have been in the business for several years. This shows that they have a proven track record of providing quality services and have likely encountered a wide range of repair issues.

Certifications: It’s important to choose a repair company that is certified by a recognized organization, such as the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. This ensures that the technicians are trained and knowledgeable in the latest repair techniques and technologies.

Services Offered: A good lawn sprinkler repair company should offer a comprehensive range of services, including diagnostics, repairs, and system optimization. This means they can handle any issue that may arise with your sprinkler system, saving you time and hassle.

Does the company offer a complete proposal in a timely manner?

Can You contact the person or company by phone easily?

Remember if a company’s estimate price is way lower than others, they may well be using lower quality parts, which are less reliable over time.

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