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Sprinkler Bros provides a wide range of landscaping services in Arlington, TX, which we believe is one of the best and easiest ways to increase property value. While there are many landscapers out there, most of them can only provide the basic landscaping services, and most are only good at maintenance jobs. We believe that a good landscaper can bring out the best in your garden or home. We offer services like lawn mowing, turfgrass fertilization, weed management and landscape design. Before we make an offer, we make sure to understand your needs plus your style and design preferences. Your backyard does not even have to be vast for it to have potential. We are devoted to getting the job done right and in a timely fashion.


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Our Services

The Only Arlington, TX Landscape Design & Installation Service You Will Need

For years, we have been focused on providing outstanding Arlington, TX landscaping services. Guided by our acquired knowledge and using our honed skills, we can turn your rough sketches into a beautiful masterpiece. We are flexible everything we do—from the scheduling of the appointment at your convenience, to providing emergency services in the wee hours of the day. They are all remarkable and very beneficial, but at the same time, they also have their own exceptional and distinctive elements. Landscape design is a great tool that can help enhance the value and appearance of your property. We will listen to you in order for us to achieve your vision for your home. We guarantee to use first-class materials like pavers, bluestones, fountains and bricks.

Professional Arlington, TX Lawn Care & Maintenance

Our commercial and residential lawn care and maintenance services in Arlington, TX are invested in the beauty of your home. After you have set up the perfect landscape for your house, the best thing to do is schedule for professional lawn maintenance with us to keep it looking great. Lawn maintenance also requires understanding the type of soil, amount of fertilizer, and types of tools needed to get the job right. Our team is devoted, and we care about our clients’ homes. We can offer multiple lawn maintenance sessions—ideally every six weeks, to ensure that your lawn is healthy and safe from the changing weather. These problems can be anything from pest problem to weed infestation or more.

Reliable On-Demand Arlington, TX Tree Removal & Trimming

At Sprinkler Bros, we specialize in 24-hour emergency services in Arlington, TX, as well as risky tree work. Having a damaged tree in your property can be very stressful. If you are looking for the right company to take care of your lawn or garden for you, we are the best choice. We do tree removal, tree trimming and even stump removal or stump grinding whenever needed. A lot more dangerous errors can include injury to people, and even damage to power lines, homes, and automobiles—something you really don't want to happen. You can rely on us to handle dangerous tree removing tasks at once. Lawn maintenance does not only prevent the problem but keeps your lawn healthy in general.


Turf Fertilization in Dallas, TX

With the help of our trained staff in Dallas, TX you can have your lawn carefully assessed so you can get the right fertilizer mixture. Your turf won’t grow as green and as lush as you want if you don’t ensure that the soil has right proportion of nutrients. This is the perfect reason why you need someone to handle your turfgrass fertilization task. Fertilizers are substances that provide important plant nutrients. Turf grass fertilizers include potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen yet they might at the same time contain other important mineral elements for turf grass growth. A beautiful and well-maintained lawn is a good way of showing neighbors and potential home buyers how much you love and take care of your home.

Cost-effective Weed Control Service in Dallas, TX

Our trained landscaping services professionals in Dallas, TX know the specific things your lawn needs, and our services yield the best results. They can be a problem in farming and producing food as they slow down the growth of other plants. Weeds survive by draining nutrients from the ground. They also seep into pipes and block the normal flow of water. This is to prevent the plant from producing seeds that are easily transported by the wind.

Guaranteed Flawless Dallas, TX Lawn Mowing Service

Our specialists in Dallas, TX are trained to make certain that you get the landscaping services that you need. An effective and pleasing lawn is the goal of any homeowner provided that some time and effort is invested for its healthy up keeping. Every lawn mowing expert would agree that consistent care and maintenance is key to keeping your yard beautiful. It is one that has an impact on the growth of the plants on the lawn, as well as its appearance. But do not just take our word for it—let our licenses and certifications serve as proof of our knowledge and reliability.

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Why We are The Top Landscaping Expert in Arlington, TX


Our specialists in Arlington, TX are trained to make certain that you get the landscaping services that you need. This way, we are able to provide you with a lush lawn with minimal maintenance and without much need for chemicals. While we are not the least expensive company in the market, we would like to believe that we are the best because we provide the best value for your money. With a well-kept lawn, you can surely increase the market value of your property and eliminate possible plant contamination/infection issues. It also helps you get rid of pests that can infest your other plants.

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