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Our leading knowledge in irrigation systems for both residential and commercial sprinkler systems will provide you the most suitable system at a reasonable price. We all know that lots of time is involved in manually watering your lawn, a properly installed sprinkler system will help you automate the whole process. It will also enable you to conserve water which will in turn cut those water bills. This is what Sprinkler Bros in Sugar Land, TX does. Our mission is to provide you with the most suitable sprinkler system and to use our vast experience to offer you the best and most efficient irrigation system. Our friendly team is here to serve you – and lots more.


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Benefits Of An Automatic Sprinkler System


  • Manually watering your lawn is rather a tedious process, you never know if you watered all of your lawn evenly, let’s not forget the time and effort involved as well. An automatic sprinkler system will provide you with the comfort of not having to worry about whether your lawn is receiving the proper amount of water.
  • A sprinkler system is used to make sure your lawn is being watered evenly and efficiently with the proper amount of water. It can be easily adjusted to either increase or decrease the amount of water needed in every zone of your lawn.
  • Every type, size and shape of a yard is different, Sprinkler Bros Sugar Land, TX will work with you closely to make sure the proper sprinkler systems will be installed in your lawn. There are several types of sprinklers and our knowledge in the field will help you narrow what suits your needs whether oscillating, revolving, traveling or stationary sprinklers.
  • Water conservation especially around areas in Texas is rather important and that’s why our sprinkler systems and be adjusted in any way possible either during rainy or water conservation periods. They can be set to work anytime during the day for example in the morning when the temperature is not at its highest.
  • Irrigation systems can be easily modified according to your needs and according to the climate. They are extremely adaptable and can also be used to water your trees, hedges, plants and flowers. We will provide you with the most optimal design for you and for your lawn. And this is why choosing Sprinkler Bros in Sugar Land, TX will be the easiest decision you will ever make for all your lawn needs!



Why Choose Sprinkler Bros?


Sprinkler Bros Sugar Land, TX professionals offer the irrigation services you need, when you need them. As experts in both commercial and residential sprinkler systems, our friendly team can help your business or your home’s lawn looking always fresh. For your ease of mind, each Sprinkler Bros technician in Sugar Land, TX is trained to the highest industry standards and can handle almost anything to make sure your system is working in perfect condition.

Sprinkler Bros in Sugar Land, TX provides a warranty for all of our irrigation systems, including labor and parts. We also provide a warranty on our service repair/maintenance jobs.

What sets Sprinkler Bros Sugar Land, TX apart is that our No. 1 goal is helping customers and making sure you’re satisfied with the perfect sprinkler system based on your needs. We work on a one-to-one basis and we make sure you are well informed before and after the installation. Call Sprinkler Bros Sugar Land, TX today, we are here to help!

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Our Services

Sprinkler System Sugar Land, TX Installation

Our fully-insured technicians will handle the full design and installation process of your sprinkler system. They calculate the recommended water pressures and perform all the necessary tests such as backflow testing. We will ensure your lawn is watered evenly with minimal waste using the highest quality parts.

Sprinkler System Repair Sugar Land, TX

Whether it’s a leaking pipe or a broken sprinkler head, we can handle all your sprinkler repairs Sugar Land, TX. We can even handle emergency situations, call Sprinkler Bros Sugar Land, TX friendly staff. Your call will be greeted by a trained representative who will handle your request and schedule an appointment with one of our trained professionals. It doesn’t matter if your problem is easy to fix or if it’s a more complicated one, Sprinkler Bros Sugar Land, TX is here to help. Some of the repairs we handle are the following: sprinkler system controller, valves, sprinkler heads, back flow prevention device, water drip system, and other important components.

Drip Irrigation Sugar Land, TX

One of the biggest benefits of having a drip irrigation system comes from savings in water costs. Property owners can see an immediate reduction in water costs since drip irrigation uses smaller amounts of water to trickle directly on the soil around the plants. Your will also notice that your plants and flowers will not fade away as fast because of improper watering. Call Sprinkler Bros Sugar Land, TX for more information.

Sprinkler Winterization Sugar Land, TX

For every winter season comes the yearly sprinkler winterization preparations. There will always be remaining water in your system if you don’t have experience and drain the water yourself. The remaining water can eventually freeze and crack all the piping. Save yourself the trouble and let a professional handle the risk involved with blowouts. Here at Sprinkler Bros Sugar Land, TX we are more than qualified to manage all types of water removal methods: manual drain, auto drain or blowout.

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