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A sprinkler system that is correctly planned and installed could save you great deals of your money and your time. An automated system that is correctly set up will definitely save you lots time and energy compared to the old way of irrigating your turf with a garden hose. This is what Sprinkler Bros in San Antonio, TX does. We are experts in delivering and repairing premium quality automatic sprinkler systems for both residential and commercial clients. Minimizing the amount of water utilized is an indication that a reliable irrigation system is being used. Our aim is to give you with the best service you can find and to utilize our comprehensive know-how and expertise to offer you with an excellent, functional and cost effective sprinkler system – and much more.


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Advantages Of An Automatic Irrigation System


  • Let's face it, irrigating your lawn with a garden hose is not the best method to spend your time specifically if you have a somewhat long day. An irrigation system can to take care of your grass irrigation needs with automation.
  • A good sprinkler system will provide exactly the required amount of water to every part of your yard. The system will enable you set the amount of water you need in every zone.
  • According to the specifications of dimensions, kind and form of your yard, our sprinkler systems at Sprinkler Bros San Antonio, TX will help you to keep track of and correct as needed the method of watering your yard. An array of different sprinkler heads (eg. oscillating, stationary, traveling, or revolving) could be utilized to guarantee every zone of turf receives the moisture it needs.
  • Our sprinkler systems will help you to conserve water, that's why you can schedule them to irrigate your lawn over the night to take advantage of the colder conditions. The system could also be adjusted quickly during water-conservation times or droughts.
  • Sprinkler systems are easily calibrated according to your requirements and to the watering schedule of your gardens. Not only are they essential to watering your lawns, but they can even be adjusted to irrigate hedges, trees, flowers, and shrubs. We will provide you with the most optimal design for you and for your garden. And this is where Sprinkler Bros in San Antonio, TX can help you!



Why Choose Sprinkler Bros?


Anytime you use the services of Sprinkler Bros San Antonio, TX, you will be 100% satisfied that we will go above and beyond to take care of your irrigation needs. We take every possible step to make sure the quality, safety, and durability of our work and we also carry full general liability insurance when we're on the job. As specialists in both the commercial and residential irrigation systems, our welcoming team will help your business or your home's lawn appearing always fresh. All our components are genuine and ensured best quality to make sure that your sprinkler system works flawlessly for all the years ahead.

Sprinkler Bros in San Antonio, TX offers a service warranty for all of our installs, including labor and parts. We also offer a warranty on our service repair/maintenance jobs.

What ensures Sprinkler Bros San Antonio, TX a cut above the others is that we educate our customers on the various application of sprinkler systems before and after installations. If you're ready to invest in a premium sprinkler system, get in touch with our licensed and experienced irrigation experts! We'll address all of your concerns and recommend the best way to meet your watering requirement both before and after installing your new sprinkler system. For your ease of mind, each Sprinkler Bros specialist in is qualified to the top industry standards and can deal with almost anything to make certain your system is working in perfect condition.

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Our Services

Sprinkler System Installation San Antonio, TX

We always begin the sprinkler system setup process by preparing a full and customized system design. Water pressure requirements and equipment needs are determined according to your unique land. Over the long run, with proper water flow in every sprinkler, you will notice your water costs decreasing thanks to water saving.

Sprinkler System Repair San Antonio, TX

If you have a sprinkler system that's leaking or not doing its job, Sprinkler Bros can offer the assistance you need immediately! During our visit, you will be offered with a cost effective flat rate estimate covering all the irrigation repair services that's required. Our team will be sure that every irrigation maintenance we provide will have a cost effective and reasonable fee, you have our word on it. Some of the services we take care of are the following: irrigation system controller, valves, sprinkler heads, back flow prevention components, water drip system, and other essential elements.

Drip Irrigation San Antonio, TX

Drip irrigation is turning into a somewhat more efficient system specifically if you possess lots of flowers and plants in your backyard. It's perfect for desert areas, especially in some portions of Texas. It's simpler to design and setup, can be less pricey than a sprinkler system, and can even reduce health issue in plants associated with over-watering. Drip irrigation (which is also often called as trickle irrigation) provides a constant low-volume stream of water directly on the soil your plants are growing in.

Sprinkler Winterization San Antonio, TX

In locations where low conditions are anticipated, the cycle of irrigation winterization is required annually before wintertime arrives. Water may always remain in the pipes if you carry out a water drain yourself. Water left within your system can freeze and crack the PVC pipes. Due to the potential risk involved with blowouts, it's recommended to let a professional deal with it. Here at Sprinkler Bros San Antonio, TX, we are more than qualified to manage all sorts of water removal methods: manual drain, auto drain or blowout.

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