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Should you need to lower down on your water bills and remove a great deal of the trouble involved in tending to gardens and lawns, then keeping an efficient irrigation system in proper working method is important. An effective system also lowers your sprinkling time as compared to a manual lawn watering. This is what Sprinkler Bros in McKinney, TX does. Our top rated expertise in irrigation systems for both commercial and residential properties can deliver you with the most reliable system at a competitive price. When they're running correctly, automated sprinklers maintain overall water consumption down and also reduce the quantity of water wasted. Our goal is to give you with the best service you can find and to use our extensive know-how and skill to deliver you with an excellent, smart and cost effective sprinkler system – and much more.


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Advantages Of An Automatic Irrigation System


  • Irrigating your garden for the most part of the day, may be a somewhat tiresome task especially if you have a long schedule. A sprinkler system can to take care of your grass irrigation needs with hands free operation.
  • A reliable sprinkler system can supply exactly the needed quantity of water to each part of your lawn. As an example, the system allows you to restrict water usage to one inch every time.
  • Based on the specifications of size, type and shape of your yard, our sprinkler systems will help you to keep track of and correct as necessary the way of watering your garden. Sprinklers come in various types, including revolving, oscillating, traveling, and stationary sprinklers and Sprinkler Bros in McKinney, TX will assist you with your options.
  • All of us recognize water conservation is of the utmost importance and that's why with our sprinkler systems, you could set your sprinklers to water your garden during the morning hours when water evaporation is least. All types of modifications can be made either during rainy seasons or during water control periods.
  • Gardens are not the only thing that a sprinkler system takes care of! They are highly versatile and can also be utilized to water your trees, hedges, plants and flowers. We will provide you with the most ideal design for you and for your yard. And this is where Sprinkler in McKinney, TX Bros can support you!



Why Choose Sprinkler Bros?


Sprinkler Bros McKinney, TX technicians deliver the sprinkler services you need, when you need them. Client satisfaction is our top concern. For your peace of mind, Sprinkler Bros has a general liability insurance for both residential and commercial services. We choose only superior supplies and equipment, this ensures that you get optimum possible level of performance for several years after your system is operating.

Sprinkler Bros in McKinney, TX supplies a service warranty for all of our installs, including labor and parts. The warranty also incorporates all our service repair/maintenance projects.

What sets Sprinkler Bros McKinney, TX apart from the rest is that we deal with our clients on a one-to-one basis and we educate them on the different irrigation systems prior to and after installations. If you want a comprehensive system, then get in touch with us! Our qualified work force are professionals in the field and licensed in numerous other services.

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Our Services

Sprinkler System McKinney, TX Installation

Our professional technicians will take care of the entire design procedure of the irrigation system before installation. They also determine the correct water pressures in every station specifically based on your backyard's landscaping design. This turns into a dependable system that does the job and uses only the absolute lowest quantity of water. Maintaining your water expenses minimal is an important part of our work when we install a new sprinkler system!

Sprinkler System Repair McKinney, TX

If your sprinkler system is faulty or inaccurate and you need assistance immediately, contact Sprinkler Bros professional technicians. The licensed technicians working with us can diagnose mostly any type of irrigation issue and provide a precise fixed-rate estimate for dealing with it. We aim to provide affordable sprinkler repair McKinney, TX solutions to every one of our clients, and our repair rates are very affordable. A few of the services we take care of are the below: sprinkler system controller, valves, sprinkler heads, back flow prevention components, water drip system, and other important parts.

Drip Irrigation McKinney, TX

Smart drip irrigation is a significantly preferred watering technique. House owners and commercial property managers prefer the higher performance and super-low water usage that drip systems provide them. They're great choices for desert climates, which means they're ideal for many parts of Texas. It's easier to design and install, can be less expensive compared to an irrigation system, and can also lower health problems in plants connected to over-watering. Also called trickle irrigation, drip irrigation works by the application of water directly and progressively to the ground around your flowers.

Sprinkler Winterization McKinney, TX

For every winter season arrives the yearly irrigation winterization preparations. Even if you have drained the water out of your system, there may still be some water left behind. Water kept within your irrigation system can freeze and rupture the pipelines. Because of the potential danger involved with blowouts, it's best to allow a professional deal with it. Sprinkler Bros McKinney, TX are equipped to deal with all forms of water removal procedures: auto drain, manual drain or blowout.

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