Turf Fertilization

It is important to regularly fertilize your turfgrass to keep it healthy and thriving. More than any other maintenance practice, turf fertilization does more to improve the turf. As much as your turf needs water and sunshine to live, it also needs nutrients to thrive. The most important elements are Phosphorous, Nitrate and Potassium. With the help of fertilizer, your lawn will have the “food’ it needs.

Here at Sprinkler Bros, we know that it can be tough to keep your lawn looking as beautiful as you would like, but it all boils down to the quality of the soil. Over time, the soil loses many of its important nutrients, and the only way to replace them is to fertilize the soil. Fertilizer helps replenish all the essential nutrients that the turfgrass needs.

We can help you make your yard look better than ever. Fertilize regularly to give your lawn deep color and strong growth. Regular, planned lawn feeding regimen will give you a rich green lawn surface. Regular application of fertilizers helps your lawn become better equipped to deal with stress, maintain winter color and prevent germination of weeds.

When laying, you should use a starter fertilizer and then, approximately six to eight weeks after installation, use fertilizer at 25grams per sq. m of lawn. It's recommended you fertilize regularly:

  • Begin spring
  • Mid-summer
  • Mid-Autumn
green turf maintenance

It is best to fertilize your lawn when it is raining. That way, you save water by not having to water it in. You can spread by hand or with a fertilizer spreader.

As a benchmark, we feed one small section of about a meter with double the application of fertilizer as compared to the rest of the lawn. If this area maintains its color while the rest loses its color, you know it's time to give your lawn another feeding of fertilizer and keep it looking healthy.

To know if your lawn is firmly rooted, check the turf daily by cautiously raising small areas and checking for signs of new roots and moisture. Once turf cannot be picked up, watering can be reduced to twice or once weekly (considering the climatic conditions).

It takes one to eight weeks (depending on the time of the year and local condition) before the turf is established and ready for mowing.

With us, we will look after your lawn and make sure it needs all the nutrients and water it need Get in touch with us today and let’s work together on your turf fertilization needs!

We’re here to design the perfect landscape for you!

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