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Chasing that dream of having a perfectly groomed lawn is not a dream, it’s a reality. With a properly installed and properly maintained sprinkler system, you can easily have a lush green lawn and Sprinkler Bros can help you repair or maintain your irrigation system. Whether you have a common broken sprinkler head or a more hard to diagnose problem, we have seen and fixed them all. Our professionals are all licensed and arrive at your door on time fully equipped to handle whatever problem you have.

Here are some of the damages you might experience, and the services required to fix them.

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1. Replacement Parts. Whether a broken sprinkler head, a clogged valve, a damaged rotor or a malfunctioning controller, they can all be easily fixed. The hard part is to identify why those parts broke in the first place, for example visible cracks on a sprinkler casing are often signs that the head itself underneath the casing might be damaged. Repairing problems requires the quick identification of the damaged parts, their proper disassembly and the installation or reinforced replacement parts if needed.

2. Maintenance. Insufficient water discharge can be fixed by correcting the supplied water pressure and flow rate to meet design values. Your sprinkler system should not fail if it is properly designed with all the required water parameters for pressure and flow rates.

Sprinkler Bros can help you implement a maintenance schedule whether monthly, quarterly or even yearly to make sure your system is running perfectly will all the parameter values. If the values are too low then it could lead to damaged valves and if the values are too high then that could lead to a high water consumption bill.

3. Diagnostics. Early detection of problems in electrically activated valves can prevent zone shutdown. Whether you have a large or medium size lawn, chances are the sprinkler system installed is separated by zones, which work together by electrically activated valves controlling each sprinkler head.

We have a dedicated and friendly team and we are ready to handle any problem you might have. Out licensed technicians make you’re your irrigation system is running in perfect condition before they leave. We want to make sure you are comfortable with all the irrigation repairs that were performed, if not then we will gladly make it right. Even though we are great at handling repairs, that’s not all we do. If you are looking to upgrade or expand you current system then we can do that too.

We’re your go-to solution for those annoying irrigation repairs.

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