Lawn Mowing

Mowing is part and parcel of lawn care and maintenance. All the lovely and healthy-looking lawns have grasses that are trimmed at the right height. This contributes greatly to the overall appeal and attractiveness of any lawn.

Mowing is also among the gardening tasks that many individuals do wrongly. The small mistakes you commit when mowing have undesirable outcomes on the appearance and overall health of your lawn. With us you are assured that our lawn mower blades are always razor-sharp and sharpened monthly or at least twice yearly. We always clean out the debris and clippings after using it. This helps keep the appliance's cutting quality, and it also stops corrosion.

As professionals, we always plan our cut. We never mow a freshly watered lawn; we only mow dry grass. We do not rush cutting when using a riding machine or a walk-behind mower, especially if we are also mulching the lawn since this calls for extra time to process the grass.

When mowing, we don't follow our exact wheel tracks for quicker completion. As lawn care experts we know that it is important to vary the direction of mow each time. When mowing, we intersect the mower to keep the cut at the same level. By going into different directions, we also scatter clippings for a healthier and cleaner lawn.

It is also worth noting to not get rid of more than one-third of the blades of grass. The stress on the blade could cause lawn browning, especially in the summer. Most lawn care professionals say that the lowest possible height for any lawn to be cut is two inches.

lawn mower

We always take great care when mowing on slopes or hills. We avoid going into high sudden turns and high speeds over hills when mowing since this tears up the turf. When we use a walk-behind mower, we mow side-to-side. When using a tractor or rider, we mow straight up and down slopes. Before mowing, we get rid of twigs, any visible debris and stones and any item that can damage your mower or leave an unsightly mess on your lawn.

Lawn mowing to some people is not the most fabulous job, but at Sprinkler Bros, we take great pride in mowing and making your yard look very presentable. Give your yard a new look and let our lawn mowing team do the job for you.

We’re here to design the perfect landscape for you!

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