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Landscape design can help enhance the value and appearance of your property. Our expert landscape design team conducts a detailed analysis of your site and plans for proper plant installation. Our team takes great inspiration for the natural environment as well as traditional gardening practices. We understand the need for healthy plants and we can help you have the right type of plants suitable to your area. We utilize specialized methods to create a beautiful landscape design for you. You can opt for plant installation to create a beautiful outdoor space and to reduce the energy costs. If you do not know how to do plant installation, it is wise to seek the help of professionals who can help create a stunning landscape design for you.

Landscape design is an art of arranging the features of a landscape in such a way that is attractive and useful. The plant installation services we offer include bulb installation, annuals, perennials, foundation plantings, screening plantings and custom garden design. As a fully insured landscape company, we offer assistance in brick paver installation as well. Brick pavers add significant beauty and value to your property. They are durable and grant enduring performance. You can find elegant brick pavers for your driveway or pool deck. Brick pavers can make your outdoors splendid.

We can also provide you with stylish retaining walls that suit any of your landscape design projects. The retaining walls are simple to install, and they require little maintenance. You can choose from a wide range of colors and patterns of retaining walls, which come with natural or uneven texture. They are hard wearing and can withstand the elements for a long period. We can do the installation work for you.


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When you entrust the job to us, you no longer have to handle the job on your own, and though you would have to pay the agency charges, it is well worth the investment. Remember that experts like us know exactly what to do to improve your landscape design installation.

We will provide the services, labor and design support for your project, including your requests for fountain setups, outdoor lighting and hardscapes. We excel even with complex projects that involve intricate design elements. Contact Sprinkler Bros to get more information and understand how to begin your landscape design project.

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