Irrigation Systems: Different Methods And Their Benefits

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If you happened to go recently to your local hardware store and pass along the lawn and landscape aisle then you will find a very large selection of tools used to keep your yard and lawn always looking fresh and green. Lots of accessories and options will surely make you feel a bit overwhelmed… but be certain, you don’t need to be!

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Choosing The Right System

We all know watering your lawn the good old-fashioned way with a garden hose can be a rather boring process. It’ even worse if you happen to have a busy schedule. That’s when we have to step in and water our yard automatically.

For thousands of years, several irrigation techniques have been around and they vary on the water delivery method.

There are basically four main techniques of irrigation systems: subsurface, sprinkler, surface and drip irrigation.

Surface Irrigation

The most common and the simplest method of irrigation is called surface irrigation. This type uses only gravity to disperse the water onto the ground which is then absorbed under the soil.

Also called as flood irrigation, surface irrigation simply disperses water directly to the ground in the area where you need to water your lawn. This type of irrigation is the least efficient as others because there is a risk of over watering in order to fill the yard with water.

The advantages of surface irrigation are the following:

  1. It needs less manual work than using a garden hose or moving sprinklers with hoses.
  2. It’s more suited to cover a larger area of land in less of a time period.
  3. Wind or other obstacles will not negatively influence it as other irrigation systems.


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Sprinkler Irrigation

Sprinkler system irrigation is probably the most known and common method among homeowners. It’s a method of applying or spraying water to your lawn in a way that imitates natural rainfall.

More specifically, sprinkler irrigation is the process of distributing water through a piping system either underground or over ground. The water is pumped and then sprayed through sprinkler heads into the air that will distribute the water droplets uniformly across the area on your lawn

The advantages of sprinkler system irrigation are the following:

  1. It’s appropriate for different sizes and shapes of land for both small and large areas.
  2. It’s better suited to disperse water to flow to needed areas of your lawn or yard. That way you will be able to conserve water more efficiently.
  3. A big advantage is that you have the ability to
  4. You have the ability to dispense chemicals and fertilizers through your sprinkler system evenly throughout your land.

The above where the first two irrigation methods we will be introducing. You can find the next two irrigation systems on our next article here: Efficient Irrigation Systems


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