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In this article, we will be discussing the next two main irrigation systems that most business and home owners install. If you missed our first article, then you can find it here: Irrigation Systems: Different Methods And Their Benefits

In our previous article, we explained the advantages of surface and sprinkler irrigation. Both disperse water above ground. The next two irrigation systems hydrate your lawn either directly on the soil or below ground.

The drip irrigation system is probably more efficient than your average sprinkler system. It’s also known as trickle irrigation in that it allows water to slowly drip to the ground around your plants and flowers. The water flows through narrow and small tubes fitted with emitters.


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Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is known to conserve water and will also efficiently hydrate areas other than lawn like gardens (either outdoor or indoor), flowers, vegetable and even flower baskets.

The advantages of drip irrigation are the following:

  1. The system is very efficient in dispersing water directly to the root zone of your plants that it will save you money, time and water. You will start seeing your water bills decreasing.
  2. It eliminates diseases in plants related with either over-watering or by reducing water contact with the dirty leaves of your plants.
  3. It reduces those pesky weeds because water is only used where it’s actually required.
  4. It’s perfect for uneven plots of land.

Subsurface Irrigation

The last type of irrigation is subsurface system irrigation. It’s highly similar to drip irrigation in that water flows through small tubes and emitters. But as the name implies, all the piping system is installed under the surface of the soil similar to the piping of sprinkler irrigation. It’s a combination of sprinkler and drip irrigation, all the tubes and emitters are not visible.

Subsurface irrigation has been around for a while and was created in the early 1960s in areas where water is not fully available. This type of irrigation method works best in dry, desert regions or in areas with lots of wind.

The advantages of subsurface irrigation are the following:

  1. It conserves water by reducing water evaporation from the surface related to desert and hot climates.
  2. As drip irrigation, it decreases weed plants because water is not spread on the surface of the soil where all the weeds grow.
  3. It’s not damaged by machinery such as lawnmowers because the system is underground and not visible.

The above are the four main irrigation systems available: subsurface, sprinkler, surface and drip irrigation. They all have their advantages and depending on your lawn or your requirements, one system might be better than the other.


Which irrigation system is better suited for you and for your lawn? If you find yourself unable to answer that question, then let the irrigation specialists at Sprinkler Bros help you out.

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