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When you’re in charge of caring and nurturing, you’re bound to make difficult decisions that will affect the life of what it is you’re trying to raise. When it comes to plants, that decision is about how you’re going to supply water and fertilizer to them. This is the question: Should you go for the expensive drip irrigation or the traditional and popular sprinkler system? Like with all decisions, the answer depends on what you prioritize.

With the traditional sprinkler system, water travels through pipes situated either above or on the plot of land, and with the help of high pressure valves, a continuous spray of water will be supplied you’re your plants. By all means this method nurtures them and works perfectly, but as you can imagine, it is not the most efficient because water is sprayed over the grass and lawn and is subject to evaporation. This method is perfect if you would like to install a traditional and affordable system.

Drip irrigation systems works by allowing water to drip directly onto the roots of plants, without going through the barrier of foliage. It is a more efficient way of watering your plants. By conserving water, your medium-term water bill will definitely see an improvement. The initial cost is higher and installation will seem more complex, but you will surely see the added benefits having the system running for a couple of weeks.

drip irrigation layout

Overall you will see an improvement in the quality of plant life you will be able to produce. Because roots are targeted, the plants efficiently absorb the nutrients right away in an evenly manner and in a controlled environment.

And that’s not all. With irrigation systems, long-term water and fertilizer costs will decrease. This is because you can control drip systems more effectively making a better use of your resources.

So, to drip or not to drip? That is the question for you. Hopefully with what you have read here, you can make a decision that perfectly matches your gardening and farming preference. Just call us and will be more than happy to answer any inquiry you have.

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