Different Soil Types For Your Lawn

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We all know that watering your lawn and the grass type play an important role in nurturing your lawn. But there is another factor that doesn’t receive the proper attention it requires, and that’s the soil type. The three combination together provide a healthy environment for your lawn to grow and prosper.


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Know Your Soil

Recognizing what your soil involves is the initial step in understanding your type of lawn. Soil is an important factor in determining whether your grass flourishes into a beautiful lawn. Basically, soil consist of water, air and particles. The particles are made up from rocks that are available from your area. This is where the soil type, whether sand, loam or clay becomes important. The type of soil that is the easiest to work with and that most people have grown accustomed to is loam soil. It consists of equal parts of clay, sand and organic material. This type of soil is the most ideal for absorbing all the healthy nutrients and moisture.

The most difficult soil to work with is clay. Clay type soils often hardens and becomes dry rather quickly, making it difficult for the roots of the grass to push through. Maintaining a clay type grass soil is rather difficult and is not recommended for most homeowners.


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Soil Types

1. Sandy Type

This soil type absorbs water quickly and requires less water more regularly.

2. Loam Type

This soil type absorbs water evenly without water puddling

3. Clay Type

This soil type absorbs water slowly which can cause runoff when watered too quickly.

The best soil to work with is called granular soil because it contains a multiple loam type soil. On the other hand, compacted soil is a homeowner’s worst problem. Compacted soil can be unhealthy to your lawn because it prevents proper root growth, reduces water absorption and doesn’t permit aeration of your soil.


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