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A sprinkler system that is correctly created and installed will start saving you great deals of your money and precious time. Well-thought of systems are equally quicker and more efficient than manually watering. That's what Sprinkler Bros Santa Monica, CA is experienced in. Our leading experience in irrigation systems for both residential and commercial properties will deliver you with the most reliable system at an affordable cost. The optimal sprinkler system produces minimal overspray and reduces the amount of water utilized. Our goal is to give you with the finest service you can experience and to utilize our extensive knowledge and skill to deliver you with a dependable, smart and affordable sprinkler system and much more.


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Benefits of Using an Irrigation System


  • Irrigating your garden for the most part of the day, may be a rather tiresome job particularly if you have a hectic day. An automatic irrigation system can provide you with the peace of mind that your garden is being handled automatically.
  • A reliable sprinkler system will provide precisely the required amount of water to every area of your landscape. As an example, the system enables you to restrict water wastage to one inch every time.
  • According to the specifications of size, type and form of your yard, our sprinkler systems will allow you to keep an eye on and correct as necessary the method of watering your garden. At Sprinkler Bros Santa Monica, CA a host of various sprinkler heads (eg oscillating, stationary, traveling, or revolving) could be utilized to guarantee each zone of turf receives the moisture it requires.
  • We all understand water conservation is of the greatest importance and that's why with our irrigation systems, you could schedule your sprinklers to water your garden during the morning when water evaporation is minimum. The systems can even be adjusted quickly during water-conservation periods or droughts.
  • No matter what your watering schedule or your needs, you can easily manage your sprinkler system. Using the ideal design, your system can also keep flowers, hedges, trees, and shrubs of every sort properly watered. We will allow you to achieve complete coverage in one reliable, cost effective package. And this is why choosing Sprinkler Bros in Santa Monica, CA will be the optimal choice for all your lawn requirements!



Why Choose Sprinkler Bros?


When you decide to work with Sprinkler Bros Santa Monica, CA services, we will make sure that you are more than 100% pleased with our services and we will go above and beyond to tackle all your garden requirements. When it comes to your peace of mind, Sprinkler Bros has a standard liability insurance coverage for both commercial and residential projects. All of our parts are genuine and guaranteed best quality to ensure that your sprinkler system works flawlessly for all the many years ahead.

All of our installs, including labor and parts are guaranteed with a warranty supplied by Sprinkler Bros in Santa Monica, CA. We also offer a warranty on our service repair/maintenance projects.

The real distinction with working with Sprinkler Bros Santa Monica, CA is that we make the effort to talk about the full benefits of our knowledge with you. If you want to discover more, then give us a call! Our first-class irrigators are professionals in the area and are licensed in a wide range of services.

sprinkler system los angeles
sprinkler system los angeles
sprinkler system los angeles


Our Services

Sprinkler System Installation Santa Monica, CA

Our professional irrigators will handle the full design procedure of the irrigation system before installation. They compute the suitable water pressures in each area of your garden specifically on the type of system that is required on your yard. A reliable design is the most ideal way to obtain maximum performance and the lowest possible operating cost. Over the long term, with proper water flow in every sprinkler head, you will notice your water bills shrinking as a result of water conservation.

Sprinkler System Repair Santa Monica, CA

We will handle all your irrigation repair works whether it's a damaged or unreliable system or whether you rapidly need help, contact Sprinkler Bros skilled staff. During the evaluation, you will be presented a clear, flat charge pricing quote dealing with all the sprinkler system maintenance. We strive in order to deliver inexpensive sprinkler repair Santa Monica, CA solutions to all of our customers, and our repair job prices are highly reasonable. Some of the services we can carry out are the following: irrigation system controller, valves, sprinkler heads, back flow prevention device, water drip system, and other essential components.

Drip Irrigation Santa Monica, CA

Drip irrigation is becoming a somewhat more efficient system especially if you have lots of flowers and gardens in your landscape. It's perfect for desert areas, specifically in some parts of California. It's easier to design and setup, can be less expensive compared to an irrigation system, and can also decrease health issue in plants linked to over-watering. Drip irrigation (which is also often called as trickle irrigation) provides a continuous low-volume stream of water right on the ground your plants are growing in.

Sprinkler Winterization Santa Monica, CA

For each winter arrives the annual sprinkler winterization procedures. Even if you have eliminated the water out of your system, there will still be some water left behind. Not completing a correct water drain might cause piping cracks in the course of freezing temperatures. It's better to get in touch with an expert due to the inherent danger associated with winterization. Sprinkler Bros Santa Monica, CA are prepared to manage all forms of water removal procedures: auto drain, manual drain or blowout.

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