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If you want to cut down on your water fees and get rid of a great deal of the trouble involved in tending to yards and lawns, then maintaining an efficient sprinkler system in a good working state is essential. Well-designed systems are equally faster and more efficient than manually watering. That's the benefit of working with Sprinkler Bros in San Rafael, CA. Our trusted knowledge in sprinkler systems for both residential and commercial properties will deliver you with the greatest reliable system at an affordable price. Minimizing the quantity of water spent is an indication that a reliable sprinkler system is being really used. Our intention is to give you with the very best service you can experience and to apply our extensive knowledge and skill to deliver you with a dependable, smart and cost effective irrigation system with lots more.


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Benefits Of A Sprinkler System


  • Watering your garden for the most part of the day, can be a rather boring chore especially if you have a long schedule. A sprinkler system can look after your turf irrigation needs with hands free operation.
  • Sprinkler systems facilitate you to water your lawn evenly and efficiently with the ideal volume of water. For example, the system helps you to restrict water usage to one inch every time.
  • Good irrigation system designs take the size, shape, and type of lawn into account when they're installed. There are different types of sprinklers and Sprinkler Bros in San Rafael, CA can figure out the type that will suit your requirements whether oscillating, revolving, traveling or stationary sprinklers.
  • All of us understand water conservation is of the utmost importance and that's why with our sprinkler systems, you could set your sprinklers to water your garden over the morning hours when water evaporation is the minimum. You can also simply adjust your sprinkler controller during drought or wet periods.
  • Whatever your watering schedule or your requirements, you can simply manage your sprinkler system. They are extremely adjustable and can also be used to water your trees, hedges, plants and flowers. You get the best out of your sprinkler system making sure proper design and set up. And this is why choosing Sprinkler Bros in San Rafael, CA will be the ideal choice for all your garden needs!



Why Choose Sprinkler Bros?


When you choose to work with Sprinkler Bros San Rafael, CA services, we are going to make sure that you are greater than 100% content with our services and we will go above and beyond to handle all your yard requirements. For your comfort, Sprinkler Bros has a standard liability insurance coverage for both residential and commercial options. Additionally, we choose only premium components to make sure that your irrigation system works efficiently for all the years ahead.

All of our systems, including labor and parts are guaranteed with a service warranty offered by Sprinkler Bros in San Rafael, CA. We also offer a warranty on our service repair/maintenance projects.

The real distinction with working with Sprinkler Bros San Rafael, CA is that we make the effort to discuss the complete benefits of our knowledge with you. If you want a complete system, then get in touch with us! Our top-notch specialists are experts in the area and are certified in a wide range of services.

sprinkler system san francisco


Our Services

Sprinkler System Installation San Rafael, CA

We always start the sprinkler system setup process by preparing a comprehensive and tailored system concept. Water pressure guidelines and system needs are figured out according to your unique residential or commercial property. That will make sure correct water propagation in every sprinkler head and will translate to water conservation over the long run.

Sprinkler System Repair San Rafael, CA

If your sprinkler system is faulty or unreliable and you are in need of aid quickly, call on Sprinkler Bros professional specialists. The licensed professionals working with us will identify just about any irrigation trouble and present a precise fixed-rate estimate for fixing it. You can be at ease that you will pay a reasonable cost for any sprinkler repair San Rafael, CA work we do. A few of the repair jobs we take care of are the following: irrigation system controller, valves, sprinkler heads, back flow prevention device, water drip system, and various other essential elements.

Drip Irrigation San Rafael, CA

We also specialize in drip irrigation, which is more effective than automated sprinkler systems. They're great alternatives for desert climates, which means they're ideal for many areas in California. It's less complicated to design and setup, can be less expensive than an irrigation system, and can also reduce illness in vegetation linked to over-watering. Drip irrigation systems are designed to function by the gradual and slow trickle of water precisely to the spot around your plants.

Sprinkler Winterization San Rafael, CA

In regions where low conditions are expected, the routine of sprinkler winterization is needed annually just before winter season arrives. There will definitely always be remaining water within your system if you don't possess experience and drain the water yourself. Not completing a correct water drain could cause pipe cracks during very cold temperatures. It's best to call a professional because of the inherent hazard involved with winterization. Let Sprinkler Bros San Rafael, CA qualified professionals arrange your system through several water removal methods: blowout, manual drain, auto drain.

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