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Should you need to lower down on your water expenses and eliminate a lot of the trouble involved in taking care of gardens and lawns, then maintaining a good sprinkler system in a good working state is essential. An automatic system that is properly set up will save you a great deal of time and effort compared to the outdated method of watering your lawn with a garden hose. That's what Sprinkler Bros Sacramento, CA is knowledgeable in. We are experts in supplying and repairing high quality automated sprinkler systems for both commercial and residential clients. The best irrigation system produces minimum overspray and lowers the volume of water used. We intend to offer you the complete benefit of all of our expertise in order that you receive the absolute best irrigation system available to you.


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Benefits Of An Automated Irrigation System


  • Irrigating your yard for the most part of the day, can be a somewhat tiresome job especially if you have a busy day. A sprinkler system can to take care of your turf irrigation needs through hands free operation.
  • Sprinkler systems allow you to water your garden uniformly and effortlessly with the ideal quantity of water. As an example, you can regulate the volume of water that’s needed in every area of your area quickly with the system.
  • Irrigation systems help you to customize the way you water your yard in terms of its type, size, and form. Sprinklers come in different types, including revolving, oscillating, traveling, and stationary sprinklers and Sprinkler Bros in Sacramento, CA will aid you with your options.
  • To cut down on water, you can set your sprinklers to water your yard during the morning hours when the temperature level is modest. You could even easily adjust your sprinkler controller during drought or wet periods.
  • Gardens are not all that an irrigation system looks after! They are very versatile and can also be used to irrigate your trees, hedges, plants and flowers. We will offer you with the most ideal design for you and for your garden. And this is where Sprinkler in Sacramento, CA Bros can help you!



Why Choose Sprinkler Bros?


When you use the services of Sprinkler Bros Sacramento, CA, you will be 100% satisfied that we will go above and beyond to handle your irrigation demands. When it comes to your peace of mind, Sprinkler Bros has a general liability insurance coverage for both commercial and residential applications. We use only superior materials and equipment, this ensures that you get the best possible level of functionality for many years after your system is operating.

All of our projects are entirely covered by a warranty from Sprinkler Bros Sacramento, CA that covers both labor and parts. We offer the same level of warranty protection on maintenance and service jobs that we present on new systems. We warrant the quality of our workmanship and never ask our clients to pay for the same job twice.

The real difference with working with Sprinkler Bros Sacramento, CA is that we take the time to share the entire benefits of our experience with you. If you want a comprehensive system, then get in touch with us! Our superior specialists are professionals in the area and are certified in a wide range of services.

sprinkler system sacramento


Our Services

Sprinkler System Installation Sacramento, CA

We generally start the irrigation system setup process by putting together a full and tailored system concept. They calculate the suitable water pressures in each zone of your lawn primarily on the type of system that is required on your yard. A reliable design is the most ideal solution to achieve the best performance and the lowest possible running cost. Over the long term, with proper water propagation in every sprinkler head, you will realize your water expenses decreasing because of water saving.

Sprinkler Repair Sacramento, CA

We will deal with all your sprinkler repairs regardless if it's a malfunctioning or inaccurate system or whether you quickly require help, call Sprinkler Bros qualified technicians. During the evaluation, you will be provided an upfront, flat charge pricing quote covering all the sprinkler repair services. We will be sure that any type of sprinkler repair Sacramento, CA we deliver will come with a cost effective and reasonable rate, you have our word on it. Our service specialties include: irrigation controller, valves, sprinkler heads, back flow prevention unit, water drip system, and other important parts.

Drip Irrigation Sacramento, CA

Drip irrigation is developing into a somewhat more efficient system particularly if you possess lots of flowers and gardens in your yard. It's perfect for desert locations, particularly in some portions of California. It's simpler to design and install, can be less costly compared to an irrigation system, and can likewise reduce health problems in plants associated with over-watering. Drip irrigation systems are designed to work by the continuous and slow trickle of water straight to the spot around your plants.

Sprinkler Winterization Sacramento, CA

In regions where low temperature levels are anticipated, the cycle of irrigation winterization is needed each year before winter season arrives. Water may always remain in the pipes if you perform a water drain on your own. Water left inside your system can freeze and burst the pipes. It's better to contact an expert due to the inherent danger associated with winterization. Let Sprinkler Bros Sacramento, CA skilled specialists arrange your system through several water removal techniques: blowout, manual drain, auto drain.

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