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An irrigation system that is properly planned and installed could save anyone great deals of your money and precious time. An efficient system also reduces your sprinkling time as compared to a manual sprinkler system. That's what Sprinkler Bros Lakewood, CA is experienced in. Our tailored sprinkler systems for commercial and residential properties will offer you ample coverage with the right amount of water. When they're functioning correctly, automated sprinklers keep overall water usage down and also reduce the quantity of water wasted. We strive to offer you the total benefit of all our knowledge so that you receive the absolute optimal sprinkler system available to you.


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Advantages Of An Automated Irrigation System


  • If you're running low on time, the very last thing you wish to devote hours on is dragging out the hoses and irrigating your garden manually. An automated irrigation system will offer you with the peace of mind that your garden is being looked after instantly.
  • A reliable irrigation system will supply exactly the required volume of water to every part of your landscape. As an example, the system allows you to limit water consumption to one inch each time.
  • Based on the requirements of size, type and form of your yard, our irrigation systems will allow you to keep an eye on and adjust as necessary the way of irrigating your lawn. There are various types of sprinklers and Sprinkler Bros in Lakewood, CA can decide on the style that will satisfy your needs whether oscillating, revolving, traveling or stationary sprinklers.
  • To conserve water, you are able to set your sprinklers to water your lawn through the morning when the temperature level is low. The systems could also be calibrated quickly during water-conservation periods or droughts.
  • Gardens are not all that an irrigation system takes care of! They are highly adjustable and can also be used to irrigate your trees, hedges, plants and flowers. You get the most out of your irrigation system making sure proper design and set up. Let Sprinkler Bros in Lakewood, CA develop your system!



Why Choose Sprinkler Bros?


Anytime you use the services of Sprinkler Bros Lakewood, CA, you will be 100% satisfied that we will go above and beyond to take care of your irrigation requirements. For your comfort, Sprinkler Bros has a general liability insurance coverage for both commercial and residential services. We choose only superior materials and equipment, this guarantees that you get the greatest possible level of performance for several years after your system is installed.

All of our projects are fully covered by a Sprinkler Bros Lakewood, CA service warranty that covers both labor and parts. We provide the same standard of warranty protection on repairs and service jobs that we offer on new installs. We stand behind the quality of our workmanship and never demand our customers to pay for the same job twice.

The real difference with working with Sprinkler Bros Lakewood, CA is that we make the effort to talk about the complete advantages of our experience with you. If you want to discover more, then give us a call! Our top-notch irrigators are experts in the area and are licensed in a wide range of services.

sprinkler system los angeles
sprinkler system los angeles
sprinkler system los angeles


Our Services

Sprinkler System Installation Lakewood, CA

We always begin the sprinkler system installation process by preparing a full and tailored system design. We likewise calculate the proper water pressures in each zone mainly based on your backyard's landscaping design. This translates into an efficient system that gets the job done and uses only the absolute lowest volume of water. Maintaining your water costs low is an essential part of our task when we lay out a new irrigation system!

Sprinkler System Repair Lakewood, CA

If you have an irrigation system that's leaking or not performing its job, Sprinkler Bros are able to provide the help you require immediately! During our visit, you will be offered with a cost effective flat rate estimate including all the irrigation jobs that's needed. You can feel confident that you will pay an affordable cost for any sprinkler repair Lakewood, CA service we do. Some of the services we can carry out are the following: sprinkler system controller, valves, sprinkler heads, back flow prevention device, water drip system, and other important components.

Drip Irrigation Lakewood, CA

We also are experts in drip irrigation, in which is more effective compared to automatic sprinkler systems. They're excellent alternatives for desert climates, which means they're suitable for several parts of California. It's less complicated to design and setup, can be less pricey than an irrigation system, and can likewise lower health issue in plants associated with over-watering. Drip irrigation (that is also sometimes referred to as trickle irrigation) supplies a continuous low-volume stream of water directly on the soil your plants are growing in.

Sprinkler Winterization Lakewood, CA

In locations where low temperature levels are expected, the cycle of irrigation winterization is required each year just before winter season arrives. There will always be remaining water in your system if you don't have experience and drain the water on your own. Water kept within your system can freeze and rupture the pipes. It's best to get in touch with an expert due to the inherent hazard involved with winterization. Sprinkler Bros Lakewood, CA are prepared to deal with all forms of water removal techniques: auto drain, manual drain or blowout.

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